Strange Maptools Behavior (Described inside)

Developer discussion regarding MapTool 1.4

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Re: Strange Maptools Behavior (Described inside)

Post by Xaelvaen »

Scaling 100% (Recommended) for Windows 10, 1080 resolution

Maptools is quite literally the only thing I experience any font distortion from, but it is also the only program I use that uses java in this way. In fact, aside from steam, I use OneNote, OneDrive, and Amazon Media player and that's about all this PC does hah.

I've been toying around with my Radeon graphics settings to see if there's any impact, but I've not had any big revelation or anything. I will say, though, since Full Bleed's png fix, I have had zero distortion on the tokens. After changing all my buttons to default font and size, I've not noticed it there, either.
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Re: Strange Maptools Behavior (Described inside)

Post by Clyde »

Hey Guys,

try using this launcher, follow the bugfix instructions and tell me if it fixed your problem:

In particular, uncomment line 128, in the launch file to activate the bugfix.

With best regards,

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