problems with bars

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problems with bars

Post by TimtheEnchanter »

I have managed to create a second bar for MP, but no matter what I do, I doesn't show up on the tokens. The bar is pretty much a copy/paste of HP, but its blue instead of green. I tried increasing the thickness of the bar, changing its orientation to the sides or bottom of the token, even moving the MP bar above the Health bar in the campaign properties, but I can only see the HP bar.

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Re: problems with bars

Post by aliasmask »

You'll have to give the bar a value or uncheck hidden box under the token states and bars tab.

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Re: problems with bars

Post by taustinoc »

If they are in the same position, they will occupy the same space. If they're the same width, the bottom one is on top of the top one (in the list on the Bars tab of the Campaign Properties window). If the upper one on the list is wider than the lower one, they'll both show. Reverse the position, and only the lower one shows (because it's on top of the upper one).

Or, as AM suggests, make sure the Hide box is unchecked and the value is not zero.

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