1.7 syintax change?

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1.7 syintax change?

Post by Garfnob »

trying to right a IF ELSE statement

all i find stats it should read
IF(condition, true action, false action)
this does not work at all even if i leave the false off

i am able to get it to work with an just a true with an alternate syntax i found
IF(condition):true action
but can not have a false this way

any help would be appreciated.

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Re: 1.7 syintax change?

Post by aliasmask »

It would help if you provide your code you have for context. The usually way to do an [if:] statement is this

Code: Select all

[H, if(condition): "true"; "false"]
<!-- or -->
[H, if(condition), code: {
   [H: "true"]
   [H: "false"]
The code block is usually for multiple statements. You can leave of the false statement in the first example, but in the second example you should put an empty code block like };{}] at the end.

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Re: 1.7 syintax change?

Post by wolph42 »

i think you're referring to the Wiki: if() (function) while AM here gives an example of the [if:] (option). And indeed the 'function' version requires both true and false to work, the option does not although as AM says in case of code blocks do declare the false option but leave it empty

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