Vision Broke on Several Maps on My Campaign

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Vision Broke on Several Maps on My Campaign

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The setup

I have a campaign with 11 maps all with vision and movement blocking, FOW, and map vision set to Day.

Of the 11 maps 4 of them are copies. These were a day and night version of the same area so I made the day version, set up the blocking and fog, and made a copy of the map. On the copy I changed the map image to the night version and renamed the map. The maps also included door tokens with VBL on the Background layer.

Running two instances of MapTool on the same PC with the first on my screen as a server host (GM) and the second on a second monitor as a server client (Player) for my players to see

The problem

At some point during gameplay I realized that I had neglected to set the doors as Visible Over FoW

I switched to the Background layer, highlighted all the doors, right click and check Visible over FoW. On some maps this worked but on others the doors remained black rather than revealing when in sight of the player icons as they should have

For the ones that it didn't work with I changed all of the door tokens to the Object layer and this fixed at least one of the maps

On three of the maps upon moving a token the entire vision system seems to have crashed. The outline for the player token's vision limit no longer showed, the icon could no longer clear FoW, and the player tokens were no longer visible on the player instance. It seemed as if all the player tokes were behaving like visionless NPCs though all of them are set to PC with vision. Dropping in a new PC token didn't change anything.

The issue is persistent and limited to only those three maps as the other maps in the campaign continue to function as normal. If I make a copy of the broken map the copy has the same problem. If I export the map and then import it into a new instance of MapTool the imported map will have the same issue.

I have literally never seen this happen before. My theory is that something about changing vision blocking parameters while the server was running cause the map to become corrupted as that was the only change that I made when they broke. Just wondering if anyone else has run into something like this. As far as I can tell there's no way to fix the map and I just have to trash them but it was a bit of a headache as it happened during the play session.

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