Overlay FX. Weather, Lighting, Ambience, etc.

These are tools and utilities that make it easier to run games. This includes Lib: macro tokens dropped into MapTool to manage the game, a conversion file for CharacterTool to allow use in MapTool, or just about anything else you can think of -- except graphics with macros and anything specific to a particular campaign framework. Those are already covered by the Tilesets subforum and the Links and External Resources forum.

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Overlay FX. Weather, Lighting, Ambience, etc.

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There was once a little thing shared on discord by @Akaiku called Weather Girl that made some simple weather effects. They were perceived to be tres cool so numerous people piled on resulting in it growing and morphing quite scarily. It even includes sound.

It is being tweaked and updated frequently enough that it has acquired its own channel on the MT Discord server. If you want to join in or are looking for the most recent updates, go check out :arrow: #The-Weather-Channel

If you just want to play, here is today's version.
lib_weather v1.4.1.zip
(2.18 MiB) Downloaded 82 times
It contains a library token and a table. The table is needed for some of the cooler visual effects like flying birds.

:?: Instructions:
1. Click the Notes button, it contains basic instructions which are essentially:
- Click a green button to open the launching frame,
(The layer numbers are the Z index, so higher numbers appear on top of lower numbers.)
- Select the overlay(s) you want to run, their options become visible
(click the wee hammer and pick button to switch between them if you have more than one overlay selected)
- Press the Launch button

:!: Warning: Some of these will hit your processor like an elephant on angel dust indulging a meth binge, especially if you do things like ramp up the number of objects on screen on multiple overlays. Written by learners and enthusiasts for their own enjoyment the code is far from optimised. Combine that with the fact that some bits of HTML5 and JavaScript run like a dog after the elephant was finished with it, well... you get what you pay for.
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