[FREQ] In program method to acquire popular and vetted drop-ins/frameworks.

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[FREQ] In program method to acquire popular and vetted drop-ins/frameworks.

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Right now MT has a way to get easy access to a lot of nifty graphics using "File/Add Resource to to Library." I think this should be expanded to include links to popular and vetted drop-ins and frameworks.

Further, it would be nice if this could be placed somewhere more prominent/accessible as it continues to be a "hidden" feature in MT. "Add Resource to Library" and then clicking on the Rptools gear just isn't a good way to showcase this feature and most users don't know it's there.

Wolph, for example has recently taken the time to update several frameworks to work with the latest edition of MT. That's great and a wonderful service to the community. That indicates that those frameworks have been vetted by a trustworthy source, are currently in a functional state working with a particular edition of MT. But what we need now is for a user to be able to click on an "Available Frameworks" link in MT and have a way to get, or be directed to, some of these. There just isn't any good repository of all this great user-created work.

Lastly, I feel that there are certain additional risks that MT now poses given some new features. Having access to fully vetted drop-ins would inspire and provide confidence that many resources are indeed safe.
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