MapTool 1.9.3 Available for Download

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MapTool 1.9.3 Available for Download

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This release contains a number of bug fixes including:

#2849 Has Sight always ticked for PC tokens. Fixed.
#2854 Imported UVTT maps had file extension in Map Name. Display Name not updated. Fixed.
#2853 Light properties not being read from UVTT files. Fixed.
#2825 One unit test failing with updated JSON-path library. Disabled for now.
#2812 A bad data directory path would produce a less than helpful error message and leave MapTool running in background. Fixed.
#2802 During Map loading the GM name is displayed to Players. Fixed.
#2785 Changing MapTool data directory location did not change the location for log files. Fixed.
#2785 Macros moved between Macro Groups or Panels set to Player Editable. Fixed.
#2783 Conversion from AWT to JTS geometry was producing near-zero length segments causing pathfinding to fail on large, complex VBL/MBL maps with the current JTS library. Fixed.
#2779 Mousewheel events not reaching HTML overlays. Fixed.
#2766 Message in Stack Overflow error dialog isn't wrapping or using the HTML formatting of the message. Fixed.
#2758 Players able to "flip" unowned tokens. Fixed.
#2747 "LaunchInstructions" was shown as the program name on macOS. Fixed.
#2729 MBL geometry is recalculated and checked too often when pathfinding leading to poor user experience. Big improvement.
#2663 Assets sometimes fail to load from cache. Fixed.
#2658 Current Time property for Audio Streams failing to update. Fixed.
#2486 Map Export would overwrite the existing file without warning. Fixed.
#2355 MapTool hangs for a while when tokens cross certain VBL boundaries. Fixed.

You can download 1.9.3 from
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