Big Storm killed my ability to create a server

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Big Storm killed my ability to create a server

Post by Madara »

Basically, for over a year now I have been able to easily set up a server on maptools for everyone to use. It only took hours of talking to someone holding my hand through every little process because I'm retarded when it comes to computer stuff.

However last saturday there was a huge storm that knocked out my internet, and when I finally got it back, I seem to no long be able to create a server that people can actually enter, with everyone getting a connection time out message. I set up a static IP and a crapton of other stuff I barely understand before said storm, all of the help guides are to complex for me to comprehend(as I said, I pretty much needed someone to hold my hand the whole way through to get this), but I'm the only one with a stable enough connection to host in our group.

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