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Dice Tool Modification

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I'm thinking of modifying Dice Tool into a character creation tool. The basics are there, just need to add a few things. The Character Creation Tool in this case would be system specific, and would present each step in order. Think of it as a Character Creation Wizard. One step, obviously, in designing this is using Abeilleform to create the forms to be used in the wizard. Another is the creation of a database to be used with the wizard in the process of creating the character.

That last raises a question. Are there any preferred database types. Are RPTools in general database neutral? Are there any specific RPTools that work better with one database type than others? How do the various RPTools get along with Open Office/Neo Office databases?

To give you an example of what I hope to achieve, let me detail step one in the case of this particular Character Creation Tool. The system is Dangerous Journeys (from E. Gary Gygax, released in 1992 and the subject of a lawsuit by TSR Inc which was instrumental in forcing two companies out of business). The first step of the first step involves rolling dice twice (percentile non-cumulative with no modifiers) giving general race and specific race. The second step of the first step calls for the user to then select a nation or region based on his specific race. For instance, a West Azirian (Asian) White character could conceivably come from any place in West Azir from Shamash and Babylon in the south, to Khazakh in the north. One the choice of nationality or tribe was made this would determine which benefits and penalties would apply to the character in any magical skill chosen. For example, Ægyptian priests benefit from Ægypt's preeminence in ecclesiastic magic, while Lakota priests suffer from that peoples' lack of history in and development of same.

Obviously these two steps call upon the data base on a number of occasions. First when general race is determined to see what the second roll gives as a result. Second when specific race is determined in order to present the list of possible points of origin for the character. Once the nation is chosen, the final call is for the modifiers to skill based on the quality of magical training to be expected in the character's place of birth.

So advice in how to implement this using Abeilleform, Dice Tool, and a (possibly Neo Office) data base would be most helpful.

Think of this, really, as proof of concept work. Even if it doesn't work maybe it'll help others with their own efforts. Thanks for your time.

(My optimism in success in this project made possible by clear, coherent writing by and large in the documentation.)

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